It's Time To Step Up - Father's Day

Flip to Galatians 3:26 and follow along as Pastor Charlie encourages the men of the church to Step Up!

The Battle Within

Follow along in Romans chapter 7 as Pastor Charlie explores the Battle that is going on within each of us.

Power To Be A Witness

Pastor Bryan teaches from Acts 1:1-11 while encouraging us to be Great Witnesses.

Who Is Jesus - Part 4

Pastor Charlie teaches from John 15, encouraging us to stay connected to Jesus.

Who Am I?

Pastor Nicki shares an encouraging word on Mother's Day, reminding us who we are in Christ.

Who Is Jesus - Part 3

Pastor Charlie continues Who Is Jesus with a message highlighting that Jesus was a servant in a kingdom upside down.

Who Is Jesus? - Part 2

Pastor Charlie helps us to remember who we are in Christ while exploring 2 Corinthians 5:17.

Who Is Jesus? - Easter Sunday

Pastor Charlie reminds us that Jesus couldn’t deny his kingship, They could arrest him, but he was still king. They could imprison him, but he was still king. They could flog him, beat him, and nail him to a cross, but he was still king. 

Palm Sunday - Hosannah In The Highest

Pastor Bryan explains what Palm Sunday is and sheds some light on all the hidden jewels of information in the scripture.

The Homerun Life- The Fundamentals

Pastor Charlie explores 5 similarities between hitting a Homerun in baseball, and Living a Homerun life for God in the second installment of Homerun Life.

The Home Run Life - You have to keep your eye on the ball

Pastor Charlie kicks off a 3 part series entitled The Home Run Life, reminding us to keep our eye on the ball as he explores the life of Joseph.

The Altar - A Place of Great Exchange

Pastor Bryan brings a powerful message about the the altar, and how you can be altered there.

No More Excuses - Prayer

Pastor Charlie wraps up No More Excuses with a word on prayer, and kicks off 21 days of prayer.

No More Excuses - We must reach this generation

Pastors Charlie and Nicki discuss a growing ministry  in Gainesville, and a powerful vision for our children. We must reach this generation!

No More Excuses - Giving Back To God

Pastor Bryan delivers a dynamic message encouraging us to give back to God, of our time, talents, and treasures.

No More excuses - Crazy Faith

Pastor Charlie continues the No More Excuses series by helping us see how we must have Crazy Faith.

No More Excuses - Vision

Pastor Charlie continues his No More Excuses series with and animated message on Vision!

No More Excuses - Week 3

Pastor Charlie uses the story of David and Goliath illuminate the stones we have our disposal in our lives.

No More Excuses - Week 2

Pastor Bryan continues No More Excuses in the book of Numbers recalling how Joshua and Caleb's version of events was different than the others, and reminds us of how our own outlook effects our reality. 

No More Excuses - Week 1

Pastor Charlie use the Joseph's story in Geneses 39:2 to encourages us to lay down the excuses this year and grab on to what God has for each and every one of us in the first message of No More Excuses.