In the first installment of Uncomfortable, Pastor Charlie encourages us to embrace the fact that the christian life isn't supposed to be comfortable...Flip to 1 Peter 2:4 and follow along.

Good To Great - Part 6

In this installment of Good to Great Pastor Charlie helps us to see how God wants us to move into the next phase He has for us.

Good to Great - Part 5

Pastor Charlie encourages us to evaluate our mindset , and explains God's part in the evaluation in this weeks message in Good to Great.

Good To Great - Part 4

Have you ever wondered how your personal vision for your life matters to the vision of the church...Follow along as Chris unpacks a few ideas on the subject.

Good To Great - Part 3

Pastor Charlie reminds us that generosity is a stepping stone on the path from Good To Great.

Good To great - Part 2

Pastor Charlie continues Good to Great with a message that sheds light on the things that keep us from becoming great.

Good To Great

Pastor Charlie kicks off 2020 with a vision packed message that helps us learn how to go from Good to Great!

Bringing Closure to 2019

Pastor Bryan brings 2019 to a close with a message that encourages us to forget the past and push forward into the promises that God has for us.

The Greatest Story Ever Told - Willing To Believe

The countdown to Christmas continues as Pastor Charlie brings the second installment of The Greatest Story Ever Told...Willing To Believe

The Greatest Story Ever Told - The Perfect Gift

Pastor Charlie kicks off his new series with the first installment of The Greatest Story Ever Told, The Perfect Gift.

Locked In - Part 2

Turn to Isaiah 50:6 and follow along as Pastor Bryan unpacks what it means to set our Face's like FLINT...

You Don't Have To See It To Believe It

The world will tell you that seeing is believing...Pastor Bryan reminds us that we don't have to see it to believe it in this message about Faith.

What has refined you doesn't define you

Pastor Charlie encourages us to not be held back by our past...

Ordinary People - Extraordinary God

The first lady of RLC, Mrs. Nicki herself, brings a powerful word reminding us that no matter how ordinary we think we are, that our God can use us to do extraordinary things...

It has to be God

Pastor Charlie reminds us that what we are doing must be so big the it can only be accomplished with God....that's where we end, and faith in God begins.

power of a story part 3

Pastor Charlie keys in on 1 Peter 3:13 in part 3 of his series POWER of a STORY.


Pastor Charlie kicks off a new series by reminding us there is power in our testimony.

Follow Me

Follow along as Pastor Mike brings a great word, encouraging us to follow Jesus


Pastor Bryan encourages us to forgive others....and to forgive ourselves. 

Just One Touch

Pastor Charlie reminds us that all it takes if one touch from Jesus to change our situation.