power of a story part 3

Pastor Charlie keys in on 1 Peter 3:13 in part 3 of his series POWER of a STORY.

POWER of a STORY part 2

Pastor Charlie continues the series highlighting our responsibility to evangelize.


Pastor Charlie kicks off a new series by reminding us there is power in our testimony.

Follow Me

Follow along as Pastor Mike brings a great word, encouraging us to follow Jesus


Pastor Bryan encourages us to forgive others....and to forgive ourselves. 

Just One Touch

Pastor Charlie reminds us that all it takes if one touch from Jesus to change our situation.

Better Together - The Power Of Unity

Join us as Pastor Bryan delivers an encouraging message on The Power OF Unity.

Better Together - What Will Keep Us Together

Turn to Colossians 1:9 and follow along as Pastor Charlie unpacks the secret to what will keep us together....

Better Together - What Holds Us Together

Listen in as Pastor Charlie kicks off a new series by drawing attention to What Holds Us Together.

Now or Never - We Must Reach This Generation

Pastor Charlie preaches on Reaching this generation as we celebrate our teachers and administrators, and pray for them as the new school year gets under way.

Now or Never - Come Together

Turn to Nehemiah 2:18 and follow along as Pastor Charlie teaches us that it's time to Rise Up, Build Up, and Work up in Come Together, the third installment of his series Now or Never.

Now or Never - God of the impossible

Pastor Charlie reminds us that when our inability merges with God's divine capability, anything can happen in the second installment of Now or Never!

Now Or Never

Pastor Charlie delivers a charged message encouraging us that the time is  Now Or Never!


Pastor Chris gives us a few points on how we can work towards having Our best life in this one off message entitled #mybestlife. Turn to John 10:10 and join in...

Life, Liberty, & the Pursuit of Happiness

Leading up to 4th of July, Pastor Bryan explores biblical principals behind Life, Liberty, & the Pursuit of Happiness.


Pastor Charlie encourages us to have Unshakable faith in this weeks message. Turn to Matthew 7:24 and follow along.

It's Time To Step Up - Father's Day

Flip to Galatians 3:26 and follow along as Pastor Charlie encourages the men of the church to Step Up!

The Battle Within

Follow along in Romans chapter 7 as Pastor Charlie explores the Battle that is going on within each of us.

Power To Be A Witness

Pastor Bryan teaches from Acts 1:1-11 while encouraging us to be Great Witnesses.

Who Is Jesus - Part 4

Pastor Charlie teaches from John 15, encouraging us to stay connected to Jesus.