No More Excuses - Giving Back To God

Pastor Bryan delivers a dynamic message encouraging us to give back to God, of our time, talents, and treasures.

No More excuses - Crazy Faith

Pastor Charlie continues the No More Excuses series by helping us see how we must have Crazy Faith.

No More Excuses - Vision

Pastor Charlie continues his No More Excuses series with and animated message on Vision!

No More Excuses - Week 3

Pastor Charlie uses the story of David and Goliath illuminate the stones we have our disposal in our lives.

No More Excuses - Week 2

Pastor Bryan continues No More Excuses in the book of Numbers recalling how Joshua and Caleb's version of events was different than the others, and reminds us of how our own outlook effects our reality. 

No More Excuses - Week 1

Pastor Charlie use the Joseph's story in Geneses 39:2 to encourages us to lay down the excuses this year and grab on to what God has for each and every one of us in the first message of No More Excuses.

Why I Love My Church

Pastor Charlie kicks off 2019 with a look back at the wins of 2018, and a vision for where RLC is headed in 2019!

Keep It Real

Pastor Charlie closes out 2018 with a few points to help us Keep It Real as we begin a new year full of promise!

Christmas At The Movies - A Charlie Brown Christmas

Pastor Charlie pulls from another Christmas Classic as he reminds us what Christmas is all about.

Christmas at the Movies - Elf

Pastor Charlie keys off of the Elf's rules to live by in the popular Christmas movie Elf to bring light to the we as Christians have a list as well.

Christmast at the movies - the polar express

Pastor Charlie keys off of the introductory scene of the popular Christmas movie The Polar Express to bring home the point that God is the light of the world....

Christmas At The Movies - Miracle On 34th Street

Pastor Charlie kicks off Christmas At The movies by pulling scene from a Christmas classic to illustrate biblical principals...

Special Guest, Pastor Mikey Cheshier

Pastor Mikey joined us to share his testimony and an amazing story filled with hundreds of glimpses of God's great mercy and grace....

Our Living Hope

Pastor Bryan encourages us to keep our hope set on the one who created us in this one-off message Our Living Hope!

Thank And Giving - Part 3

Watch as Pastor Charlie wraps up the Thanks and Giving series discussing a topic we can all relate to.

Thanks And Giving - Part 2

Pastor Charlie continues Thanks and Giving by honoring our Veterans and drawing a parallel with the sacrifice that Jesus gave on the cross.

Thanks and Giving

Pastor Charlie kicks off a new series by level setting us with a reminder that it is important to be Thankful and Giving. 

The Old You

Pastor Charlie reminds us that our Old Self is much like an old football jersey from the past that doesn't fit any more, and encourages us to be the New us that God has created us to be during this one off message entitled The Old You...

Made For More - Leaving a Legacy

Watch as Pastor Charlie digs into the scripture to get us to consider what Legacy we might be leaving behind, and encourages us to leave the Legacy we were made for.

Made For More - Made For A Mission

Pastor Charlie continues in the Made for More Series while encouraging us to step out, and take on the mission that God has given us...Love God and Love People...